Portland-Metro Area Programs

At ACES we believe that the homestay component of our programs is the most important aspect of the cross-cultural exchange experience as it allows American households the rewarding experience of having a new family member from another country, while offering program participants the opportunity to become a member of an American household and to be immersed in an English language environment and everyday American culture.

We are dedicated to making this an enriching, pleasant, and educational experience for hosts and students. ACES staff stand ready to help at any point throughout the program.

In collaboration with colleges, universities, and language schools in the Portland-Metro area, ACES welcomes international high school and college groups to the Portland-metro area for 1-4 week long programs (short-term) and college students for an academic term or longer (long-term). Students look forward to living in an American household as a way to practice their English, experience American culture first hand, and deepen their discovery of the Pacific Northwest. Short-term students participate in weekday classes and activities while spending evenings and weekends experiencing American culture and practicing English with their hosts. Long-term students schedules vary, depending on the classes they need and want to take, and their interests. Both opportunities allow hosts and students to learn about another culture and grow their international family.